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Buea, Cameroon (NewsOne) — Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage (pictured), which is located in Buea, one of the cities of the West and Central Africa Country of the Republic of Cameroon, is a nonprofit organization that has been taking care of orphans and underprivileged children since 2004. On Saturday, the organization was able to bring together donors, well wishers, church groups, associations, and friends in order to raise funds to support and sustain the orphanage. The event took place on the small cortege of the orphanage.

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“This is the very first time we are organizing such an event to raise funds for the orphanage.”  The matron of the orphanage, Mama Mary Sume Ebane, told NewsOne in a calm and jovial manner.

The orphanage started with three children, and today, has 28 orphans between the ages of 4 and 17 years old. The Matron explained why she started and maintains her orphanage, “I do really like children and taking care of them is a vision from God. I enjoy doing so and it is what God wants me to do.”

Before moving to the present structure that is accommodating the orphans, they were housed in a very small house. According to the Matron Mama Ebane, “[Even] though this present structure is a little bigger than the former, we still do not have enough space to accommodate all of the children.”

While the orphanage lacks an actual budget, they are spending about 50,000 Central African Francs (CFA, approximately $110) for the payment of rent. Other issues Matron Ebane struggles with each month are insufficient funds for the children’s school fees, payment of electric bills, rent, and purchasing enough food to feed the children.

Still, from 2004, they have been getting assistance from donors and well wishers, including support from social groups and churches. Matron Mama Ebane further explains how she is able to manage in spite of multiple challenges, “We have been able to be where we are today thanks to the small, small financial and material assistance we get from the public. This event of today that we are organizing is to help us raise some funds to start building our own structure that will accommodate these orphan children.”

The orphanage has been able to acquire a piece of land, where they have already manufactured some 1,000 bricks to commence construction of the foundation. “For us to be able to pilot the affairs of the orphanage, we need the sum of about 9 million CFA (approximately $19,000) each year,” according to the Matron Mama Ebane.

At Saturday’s fund-raiser, the orphanage was able to raise about 250,000 CFA (approximately $500).

The orphanage has also benefited from financial assistance from the incumbent President Paul Biya through the Ministry of Social Affairs.

During the event, a variety of songs were presented by the orphans and some church groups.

Nadine Ebude, a 12-year-old orphan who attends high school, said, “I have been in this orphanage since I was a child. I am very happy to be here. Mama takes good care of us. She pays our school fees and provides [for] our needs.”

Johnny Nsung, a 12 year old in elementary school, added, “Mama is the best thing that has happened in my life. She is good to me. We pray every day that God should continue to give her strength to continue to take care of us.”

The Matron of the orphanage concluded her chat with NewsOne by making a fervent appeal for financial and material assistance, “We need a lot of financial and material assistance from just everybody so that we can continue to take care of these orphans who are the future of tomorrow.”

Make a difference by helping to support Mary Ebane and her 28 orphans here.


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