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We shouldn’t be surprised by anything anyone on Fox News says, but when it’s something like, “I don’t think there’s racism,” as correspondent Eric Bolling said, we can’t help but to wonder how people could be this bold.

In a segment on “The Five,” Bolling stated:

“It’s getting tiring. We have a Black president, Black senators, we have Black heads — captains of business, companies, we have Black entertainment channels. Where is the… Is there racism? I don’t think there’s racism. I think the only people perpetuating racism are people like this gentleman from NAACP, are the Al Sharptons of the world. Let’s move on. Let’s move on.”

Roland Martin had a few words for Bolling in his “Stuck on Stupid” on “NewsOne Now.” Martin, who said he googled “EEOC” and “racism” to prove that it is, in fact, alive and well, said, “In December 2012, a South Texas mill agreed to pay $4500,000 to a class of Black employees to settle and EEOC race discrimination suit alleging that they exposed Black employees to violent, racist graffiti, and racist slurs by coworkers such as KKK, swastikas, confederate flags, white power, and other racist terms, including, ‘die, n-word, die.’ at an employee workstation.”

“Eric, you are a fiscal conservative,” Martin said. “You should be outraged that taxpayers have to fork over nearly $70,000 to a black Hampton, Va., woman who was discriminated against because of her dreadlocks. She was the most qualified for the job, but the three people interviewing her didn’t like her hair. It happened. Eric, what classifications do you want to look at?”

Watch the entire segment below:

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