George Floyd's uncle Selwyn Jones said Denny's refusing to serve Black men in South Dakota was “a disgrace” that underscores the lack of progress being made along racial lines in America.


The latest in an ongoing series of setbacks for Rudy Giuliani came as Hunter Biden sued him.

Los Angeles City Council member Kevin de León is hoping to be reelected after being exposed in a racist scandal.

Race Matters

17 of those years were on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Three officers were charged with civil rights violations following a long FBI investigation.

A 'Big Brother' contestant's live TV racial slur triggers CBS's decisive action, spotlighting the show's shaky TV history.

Former Northwestern University football players are accusing Pat Fitzgerald of also being racist and calling Black players "monkeys" after the coach was fired amid a widening hazing scandal.

Race Matters

Here are three ways Black people say their white co-workers and managers can support them and be an antidote to systemic racism.


Black cemeteries are a good example of how Black Americans came up with creative ways to retain their dignity and weather the dehumanizing effects of racism.


Teachers can still stay true to history without breaking new laws.