A reading of a Dr. Seuss book at an elementary school in Ohio ended when a student pointed out the book was, in part, an allegory to racism.

As long as racism persists in education, students of color may never be able to completely avoid racial battle fatigue.

Emergency responses are under fire as the death toll grows.

An Iowa school didn't protect a Black middle school student from racial harassment.

Mock slave auctions are not rare occurrences.

Lady Susan Hussey, the confidant of Queen Elizabeth II and godmother to Prince William, has resigned from her role as senior palace aide.

Raymond Flanks' life sentence was vacated over a murder he never committed.

There’s only so much racist abuse people can take before they start fighting back.

The University of Kentucky student who called Black student Kylah Spring the N-word, will leave the school and enter rehab.

It only took a few hours after Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter for the racists to be racist on the social media platform.

Cultural appropriation isn't new.

At one point during the conversation, Martinez even calls a Black child a little monkey and says he deserves a "beatdown" as a way to tame his allegedly wild behavior.