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Carolina Panthers superstar player Greg Hardy (pictured) has reportedly joined the ranks of NFLers who have been brought up on charges of domestic violence. Now the defensive end, who was convicted of domestic violence toward his girlfriend this summer, was deactivated from his team Sunday, according to CNN.

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The NFL has been publicly criticized for their laid-back stance toward domestic violence involving their players.  The recent video that surfaced showing Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens player punching his wife Janay in a hotel elevator last February, has cast a spotlight on the issue.

Hardy’s domestic violence episode took place in May, when he allegedly choked his then-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, threw her around like a rag doll, grabbed her hair, and dragged her about the floor — all while threatening to kill her, according to a police report.

Hardy’s alleged actions were reportedly prompted because he and Holder were at a club and a Nelly song came on. The 26-year-old player got miffed because his girl had once briefly dated the singer.

The 6’4,” 275-pound gridiron athlete, who claims he is innocent of the misdemeanor assault and communicating threats charges, was sentenced in July to 18 months probation and a 60-day suspension sentence for his violent crimes. Hardy has appealed the guilty verdict that was made by a North Carolina judge.

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Many are wondering why Hardy was only just recently checked by his team’s owner Jerry Richardson when his incident occurred months ago. Many are also wondering why the reported $13.1 million player has been deactivated but will still receive a paycheck.

The NFL, though, is clearly trying to stem the tide of reported domestic violence cases involving their players by enforcing severe punishments for them if they are implicated.  According to an August 28th memo sent by the NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, the league’s personal conduct policies are now stricter. Anyone in the league — players or team personnel — will be suspended for a minimum of six games for a first offense of domestic violence. Players are granted the opportunity to appeal.

As to whether or not Hardy will be met with a retroactive punishment is still up in the air, but he is set to appear at another trial come November.


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