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It seems the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (pictured) is still raking in loads of cash even though he’s been dead now for over five years.  Jackson’s estate has earned more than $140 million in earnings over the least year, so he sits at the top spot on the Forbes‘ List of  Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities.

Jackson has had quite a banner year.  He was back in the spotlight at this year’s Billboard Music Awards where onlookers were left with gaping mouths  as they experienced the mega entertainer sing and dance via a hologram.

The impressive technology resurrected Jackson as he belted out “Slave to the Rhythm,” one of the singles from his mega successful album “Xscape.”  And speaking of the album, it is a compilation of posthumously released Jackson music that peaked at the No. 3 spot on the Billboard album chart, which is pretty astounding considering Jackson is no longer alive.

Near the time of his death, Jackson was reportedly drowning in financial debts to the tune of some $500 million.  He was in rehearsals looking to do a series of comeback concerts to not only resurrect his career but to regain some of his wealth.

The mega entertainer’s financial turnaround in the five years since his death has been mind-boggling, his estate has reportedly earned over $700 million which is more money than he had in the prime of his stellar career.

In the No. 5 spot on the famed Forbes list is the reggae king Bob Marley with an estimated $20 million in earnings.  The Rasta soul rebel, who passed away at age 36 back in 1981, has a money-generating estate that includes his music, clothing line, eco-conscious home audio line, coffee products, carbonated relaxation drinks and herbal teas and a resort and spa, just to name a few.

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