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Last week, Nichelle Nichols (pictured), the actress who played “Lt. Uhura” in the 1960s version of “Star Trek,” was in need of a transporter, a useful device on the TV series that allowed people to inexplicably move from one point to another. That way the 81-year-old actress could have avoided being stopped at the Los Angeles airport Friday, when, according to the Daily Mail, her 20-something male companion was discovered carrying drugs.

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Investigators say that Nichols and her male companion were at the American Airlines terminal when the man’s suitcase fell open, disclosing a bag of meth. Nichols reportedly told police that she was just as surprised at the alleged findings and was eventually allowed to board her flight.

Her companion was not so lucky.

He was arrested and charged with drug possession.

The star’s rep later said that the man was her assistant, and that it was an e-cigarette, not meth, that was discovered in his luggage.

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