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Pint-sized fashionista-in-training, North West (pictured center), Kim Kardashian (pictured center) and Kanye West’s little diva turned plenty of heads and wagged many a tongue when she was spotted last week in a full length $3,500 fur coat.  Now the cute little Kimye offspring donned a bulletproof vest from her famous dad’s Adidas New York Fashion Week collection and, again, the outfit has created quite a stir, according to Billboard.

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North or “Nori” has been making quite a few headlines lately not only for her avant garde threads but also her outbursts during fashion shows. On Valentine’s Day, Nori sat front and center on her mom’s lap during an Alexander Wang show in support of her aunt, Kendall Jenner, who walked the runway during his unveiling.

When the 20-month-old spotted a plush monkey hanging from a photographer’s camera lens and she could not have it, she threw a hissy fit.  Even during her dad’s showing, Nori let ‘er rip while again nestled in Kim’s lap and didn’t give a hoot that she was in the company of songstress Beyoncé (pictured above) and Vogue fashion editor, Anna Wintour (pictured above.)

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Nori has made fashion headlines since she came out of the womb and her folks apparently are loving the attention their muse is getting.  Kim took to her Twitter account on Monday to tweet about her baby rocking a Yeezy bulletproof fashion statement, “Look at my little cutie!!! #DaddysMuse #BabyYeezyBulletProofVest

The antics of the well to do!