Kanye West

In 48 hours, Ye and Donda Sports signed both Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown.

This isn't your regular academy either. It appears as though the Grammy-award-winning producer has his eyes set on building the ultimate high school basketball team to challenge the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers of Los Angeles' big-time preparatory day school Sierra Canyon.

Black organizers put us up on game last summer.  

Claiming she wanted to help Freeman, Trevian Kutti offered to help the embattled election worker if she would confess to non-existent fraud.

The former Chicago gang leader is currently serving six life sentences for his alleged involvement in a gang-affiliated murder stemming from 1973. 

R&B icon Raphael Saadiq was on the defensive after a photo he posted to his Instagram showing him sitting next to accused rapist Marilyn Manson during an event for Kanye West's new "Donda" album went viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Was it worth it? People who ask Kanye West that question about his allegiance to Donald Trump got their answer when it was revealed the rapper's net worth grew by 37,000% during Trump's presidency.

It's hard to overstate the impact gospel music has had on Black Christian culture. With soul-catching lyrics and musical stylings reminiscent of R&B, it’s no wonder the genre has maintained steady success. Read on for our list of incredible gospel artists that are worthy of praise.

The megachurch pastor gets dragged once again.

Some on Twitter are calling the Chicago superstar's campaign efforts disruptive to the upcoming presidential election.

Kanye West's pledge of allegiance to Candace Owens and her new book about the "Democrat Plantation" is definitely worth taking a knee over.

The troubling 2020 elections continue.