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There’s no better way to explore your family roots and bond than on a journey by rail. Jashed, Tina and Khari Fakhrid-Deen found this out on a recent trip from Chicago to Denver on Amtrak’s California Zephyr train, which includes sleeper cars.

“Traveling for us is critical because we not only want to share experiences, but we also want to learn together as a family. It helps us to grow and bond,” explained Jashed.

The experience also held another lesson for daughter Khari, as Jashed noted. “I don’t want my child to be afraid to go across the country or go to different states or countries. Part of modeling that as a family is showing her that travel is not foreign. It’s not something that she can’t do.”’

Traveling cross-country via Amtrak allowed the family to see the great outdoors in a relaxed environment. “Being in that intimate setting forces you to connect” with one another, said Tina.

Once in Colorado the family visited the Black American West Museum where they learned how Black people migrated from the South to the Western United States.

“We want to make sure that we are constantly pushing ourselves to learn more, and there’s no better experience than to model what we want our daughter to be, which is a life-long learner,” remarked Jashed.

With children growing up so fast, added Tina, “We have to enjoy these precious moments together.”

Want to create your own precious family memories on a scenic trip, like the Fakhrid-Deen family did? Go…Ride Amtrak.

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