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The National Civil Rights Museum is hosting their 25th Annual 2016 Freedom Awards this evening in Memphis, Tennessee.

Combatting the stereotype of apathetic youth, Rock the Vote – the nonpartisan nonprofit created to see young people through America’s political process – has found a new way to galvanize and inspire millennials to vote in the upcoming election in November… Art. Using innovation and creativity, the organization partnered with #Cut50 and other national and community […]

Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake, a rising star in political circles, is expected to speak at the DNC convention tonight in the speeches leading up to President Barak Obama’s address. In an exclusive with NewsOne, he discussed the need to vote to change the hyper-incarceration of black men and woman and criminal justice reform. He believes Hillary […]

There’s no better way to explore your family roots and bond than on a journey by rail. Jashed, Tina and Khari Fakhrid-Deen found this out on a recent trip from Chicago to Denver on Amtrak’s California Zephyr train, which includes sleeper cars. “Traveling for us is critical because we not only want to share experiences, but […]

In “Part 2” of a three-part video series called “Queen For A Day,” Mildred Muhammad — ex-wife of D.C.-Sniper John Allen Muhammad — and other domestic abuse survivors share harrowing stories of domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of spouses, family members, and partners. Muhammad revealed this about her former husband: “What most people don’t know, […]