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New Hampshire man has been arrested for making false bomb threats and a string of robberies over a number of years, CBS Boston reports.

Ronald Szettella, 43, was arrested on Wednesday after police connected him to a bomb threat in Pelham Elementary School in September 2013, two robberies at a local convenience stores nearly a year apart and a recent robbery at a Dunkin Donuts where he donned a mask of President Barack Obama.

Szettella was charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of criminal threatening.

His armed robberies have reportedly kept the Pelham Police Department’s Criminal Bureau “busy for the past three years,” the department told CBS Boston.

Surveillance cameras caught Szettella at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Lowell Road Tuesday around 8 p.m. He was wearing the mask with black gloves, a black Adidas sweatshirt, armed with a black gun. Police said he took off in a vehicle without a license plate.

After searching his home, police found the BB gun connected to the armed robberies. The Obama mask was not found. Szettella will face a judge Thursday. He is also expected to face more charges for two additional robberies.



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