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Virginia police apparently lied to investigators about the events leading up to Linwood Lambert’s death while in their custody.

Video captured at the scene contradicts the officers’ account of the events that transpired while transporting Lambert to an emergency room. During the encounter with Virginia police officers, Lambert was Tased multiple times after running away from three cops. previously reported, “Lambert’s May 2013 encounter with police began at a motel in South Boston. Police were called after a man was heard making disturbing noises and apparently hallucinating in his room.” Officers decided to take him to an emergency room, but upon arrival at the ER, Lambert kicked out a window in the squad car and ran away from officers. As he was running, officers Tased him.

MSNBC reports, “Cpl. Tiffany Bratton, who discharged 15 of the tasings, told investigators when she tased Lambert, he ‘was lying on his back’ and he ‘grabbed the end of the Taser and was pulling it.’ She stated this probably happened several times.”

Video captured at the scene does not support Bratton’s claims. Lambert was handcuffed and never appeared to reach for a Taser.

On Friday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed the Linwood Lambert death while in custody case, officers involved in the incident misleading investigators, and lying about the events that ultimately led up to Lambert’s death.

NewsOne Now panelist Joia Jefferson-Nuri told Martin, “There has to be a separate trial and a separate crime, a separate severe punishment for police, an officer to lie on a report and to have his partners back that up. That has to have a penalty.”

Martin believes if an officer lies under oath, they should immediately be fired, “Because if I as a citizen, if I file a false police complaint, I can be charged, I can go to jail.”

MSNBC reported records they received regarding the case “offer new clues” about the investigation into the events that transpired before the death of Lambert and how the “prosecutor who initially leaned against charges” later asked for a review of that call.

The records also revealed state investigators “accepted police claims even when contradicted by videos of the tasing.”

This is a developing story…

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the death in custody case of Linwood Lambert in the video clip above.

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Video Of Virginia Man Who Was Shackled & Tased By Police In 2013 Released