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Seattle public school teachers want to spark a dialogue on racial injustice in the school district. To do that, about 1,000 of them plan to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts every day next week, Fox News reports.

They’re calling on teachers throughout the school district to present lessons next week on race relations. To facilitate discussions, the group is offering resources to teachers.

Seattle teacher Sarah Arvey told Fox that it’s critical to know the nation’s history of racial injustice.

“When we’re silent, we close off dialogue, and we close the opportunity to learn and grow from each other,” she stated.

The school district issued this statement, via the Seattle Times:

“We respect our teachers’ rights and desire to express themselves. While T-shirts are a visual, we hope the message inspires people to do the work to eliminate opportunity gaps.”

The Times said racial disparities in student discipline is one focus of the teachers’ demonstration. According to the newspaper, Black students are disproportionately suspended at a higher rate than students of other racial backgrounds.

SOURCE: Fox News, Seattle Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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