Black Lives Matter Rhode Island leader Gary Dantzler denounced Mark Fisher and claimed the man who endorsed Donald Trump is not part of BLM.

Virginia Republican Del. Tara Durant has been lying for years about being attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters.

A fledgling movement to boycott Dove started after white folks got angry at its partnership with BLM activist Zyahna Bryant, who falsely accused a white woman of racism.

Like it or not, Black Lives Matter is one of if not the largest social movements America has ever seen. As it turns 10 years old, we now have an entire decade’s worth of legacy to ponder over. 

Seattle police are under fire for having a makeshift tombstone mocking a Black 19-year-old who was killed by city cops and keeping it with a Trump flag and a BLM sign.

Mayor Eric Adams deflected responsibility for recent New York City gun violence and crime by invoking the BLM organization. The career policeman wondered aloud "if Black Lives Matter."

Kenneth Pilon's death threats targeted BLM supporters.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A suspected white supremacist in Michigan pleaded guilty federal hate crimes for threatening to kill people supporting Black Lives Matter.


The GOP Senate hopeful said he created the "More Black Doctors" hashtag no one knows.


A Minnesota man staged a BLM hate crime in hopes of a big insurance payout.

Race Matters

Con artist Candace Owens announced that she's launching a documentary that will "expose" Black Lives Matter as a scam.


Kanye West explained his "White Lives Matter" shirt came about because Black Lives Matter is a "scam."