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Bill O’Reilly is finally cut from Fox News after a series of sexual harassment allegations crumbled his reputation (if it wasn’t already crumbled before, depending on who you ask).

One of the brave women who recalled experiencing sexual harassment by O’Reilly was Perquita Burgess, who said the conservative pundit called her “hot chocolate” almost 10 years ago. Burgess appeared on The View on Thursday and described her experience of working alongside the ousted television host.

Burgess worked for Fox News via a temp agency and though she didn’t work with O’Reilly directly, he frequently came in contact with her and not for work reasons. Instead of saying hello or starting a friendly conversation, he would make grunting noises. Burgess said. “It was embarrassing. So I got to a point where I just did not look at him.”

When Sunny Hostin asks about the “hot chocolate” incident, Burgess described a moment when she was sitting in the plaza of her work building and O’Reilly passes her yelling, “Hey, hot chocolate,” without looking at her. “I didn’t respond. I was mortified because not only was it sexual, I took that as a very plantational remark,” Burgess explained.

Burgess didn’t report her incidents to her employer, but she still vented about the situation via social media. In 2010 she tweeted, “I contracted @ fox news for 6 months a few years ago bill oreilly is a piece of xxxx.” Then in 2014, she tweeted, “bill oreilly likes Black women…i’ll leave it at that.”

You can watch Burgess’ full statements below where her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, supported her by saying, “This is a targeted effort by a small group of women including my other accusers, Perquita, and me to bring down Bill O’Reilly.” She continues, “We did that. This is what women can do if we stick together, if we have a plan, we can bring them down.”


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