A viral social media post claimed without proof that Ben Carson is Donald Trump's "frontrunner" to be his 2024 vice president running mate.

The recent marginal increase in Black Trump support has been disappointing, to say the least, and baffling considering Donald Trump has shown nothing but contempt for our leaders, our civil rights movements, our non-whitewashed history, our voting districts (Trump’s “stop the steal” nonsense would have largely affected predominately Black and Latino voting precincts), diversity in […]

Letitia James is poised to get the last laugh as Donald Trump continues to taunt the "racist" AG and "corrupt" judge at his civil fraud trial in New York City.


New polling found Donald Trump is enjoying a level of support from Black voters in crucial battleground states previously “unseen” by a Republican candidate seeking the White House.

Despite the failures of Trump University, Donald Trump is promising to create an "American Academy" that will be federally funded and ban "wokeness" and "jihadism."

Donald Trump violated a gag order issued by federal Judge Tanya Chutkan. Now the question is whether he will be jailed for doing so.


Arthur Ray Hanson allegedly threatened Fulton County DA, sheriff over Trump taking a mugshot.

"More and more Black Americans say we gotta have Trump back," Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds said during a Fox News interview.


The ex-NFL players were there "to meet Trump."

"I’m doing it for a reason,” he said while denouncing the criminal charges against him.

Donald Trump is claiming Sidney Powell was "never" his attorney after Powell pleaded guilty to RICO charges, but the internet has receipts showing he's lying.


Law professor Cynthia Alkon, who studies plea bargaining, explains what RICO plea deals for Trump's co-defendants are and how they work.