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The family of Jordan Edwards, the African-American 15-year-old killed in a police involved shooting, filed a lawsuit against the accused ex-officer and his department, Washington Post reports.

Jordan’s father, Odell Edwards, filed the suit on Friday in U.S. District Court in Dallas. It alleges that former Balch Springs, Texas,officer Roy Oliver, who is White, used excessive force, and the police department failed to provide proper training and oversight of the cop who was known to have “a short fuse.” The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

An internal police investigation said Oliver fired a rifle at a vehicle that was driving away from officer responding to a report of underage drinking. A bullet went through the passenger-side window and struck the teenager in the head.

Originally, law enforcement officials said the vehicle was backing “aggressively” toward the officers, which they later retracted based on evidence from police body cameras. The police department fired Oliver, and he was charged with murder.

Police officials overlooked Oliver’s “pattern of escalating encounters with the public,” the lawsuit claims. The Post pointed to an Associated Press report that said the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office filed a complaint in 2013 about Oliver’s courtroom behavior as a witness. As a result, he was suspended and ordered to take anger management classes.

SOURCE:  Washington Post, Associated Press


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