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The thought of a militarized police force is terrifying. Back in 2015, Obama banned the sale of certain military equipment to local police,  including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms. The Trump administration rolled back the ban and officers in Arizona are just one example of the future of America’s police.

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According to the Phoenix News Times, “The latest accessory for Tempe police motorcycles is causing double-takes in this Phoenix suburb: a rear-mounted AR-15 rifle. The department quietly has outfitted eight of its duty motorcycles, more than half, with the upright mounts for semiautomatic rifles.” Reportedly, Chief Sylvia Moir, a former chief of in California, brought the idea of AR-15s when she was hired in September 2016 — allegedly it was “embraced by officers,” said Tempe police Commander Michael Pooley.

Pooley said they were expecting  backlash and “We’re always concerned about public perceptions. We don’t want people to think we’re carrying these around for no reason.” However, he claims the department has “gotten a lot of positive feedback” from people in the community. Also, “no motorcycle officers have yet fired their AR-15s, but they’ve had to draw the weapons several times in the past few months,” Pooley said.

Just give it  a little more time, when an officer is “in fear for their life” and decides to unload countless rounds of ammunition into an unarmed person. While there haven’t been reports of other officers patrolling with AR-15, this could be only the beginning of  militarized police across the nation, which Obama tried to prevent. Well, luckily we have Rick Santorum to teach us CPR in case someone gets shot with an AR-15!


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