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For many high school seniors the college admissions process can be a stressful time, but it was smooth sailing for 17-year-old Micheal Brown. After applying to 20 of the top colleges and universities in the country the Texas teen was not only accepted to all of them, he received full-ride scholarships to each one as well, CNN reported.

Amongst the top schools that Brown received letters of acceptance from were Princeton University, Harvard University, Stanford University and Yale University, the news outlet writes. He also got accepted to Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania.

Brown—a senior at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School in Houston—is an outstanding student and is very involved in his school’s community. He’s a part of his school’s student government and serves on the mock trial and debate team. He’s been involved with several organizations that work towards breaking barriers to higher education for students that come from low-income communities. According to CNN, the first letter that he received was from Stanford in December and the rest continued to roll in over the next few months. Brown’s mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, is beyond proud of her son. She says that she started seeing him blossom academically in the 6th grade. “Mike was in control of his education. He was focused, he knew what he wanted and he made his own decisions,” she told CNN.

Brown says that he hopes his journey will inspire other young people of color to strive for excellence when it comes to education and show them that their circumstances don’t define their future. “It’s something I’m proud of because I see my hard work paying off, determination paying off, sacrifices paying off,” he said. Aside from the full-ride scholarships he received Brown—who wants to major in political science—was awarded $260,000 in extra scholarship offers. According to the news outlet, Brown will kick off his college tour this month and decide which school he wants to attend in May.

Brown is just one of many youngsters displaying #BlackExcellence in academia. In 2017, a student from Chicago, Illinois earned acceptance letters from 23 Black colleges and universities, with $300,000 in scholarships.


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