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The body of a Black National Guardsman who disappeared during treacherous floods in Maryland on Sunday was found in the Patapsco River Tuesday afternoon, Howard County police confirmed to Baltimore’s WBAL.

Local emergency crews used swift water rescue, truck, and ATVs in their search for Eddison Hermond, 39, an Air Force veteran and active-duty member of the Maryland Army National Guard, on Monday. Hermond, wearing a White t-shirt and Black shorts, was pulled underneath the water after he helped rescue a woman and her cat during devastating flooding in Ellicott City on Sunday afternoon, The Baltimore Sun reported. “He stepped over the ledge to try to get to me, and he was washed away,” Kate Bowman, who was helped by Hermond, said.

But what led Hermond to Bowman before his tragic disappearance and death. Here is what else we know about Hermond:

Hermond, who is 6 feet tall with an athletic build, had been visiting a local bar with friends when his day took a turn for the worst, Howard County Police Chief Gary Gardner said about the soldier’s vanishing. The historic downpour ravaged homes and streets, with the watertragically carrying Hermond away seconds after he helped Bowman. Witnesses last saw the soldier being carried by the current toward the Patapsco River, Bonnie Hoppa, Hermond’s friend wrote on Facebook.

One of the soldier’s friends filed a missing person report with Howard County Police Department after his disappearance.

A “Hope altar” was erected for Hermond, with friends being encouraged to gather around it on Tuesday. Hoppa’s Facebook post was updated after learning about Hermond’s body being recovered, saying that she was waiting for confirmation on his death from official sources after Hermond’s family and next-of-kin had been notified.

There were no other reported deaths from the flood, making Hermond the only fatality as of Tuesday.


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