Black women are at a disproportionately high risk of being targeted for trafficking at younger ages compared to their white counterparts.

Latricia Hartley asked authorities to issue an Ebony Alert for her missing 14-year-old daughter. But that plea was disregarded, despite the law and young teen's pre-existing mental health struggles.

The 12-year-old twin brothers went missing from their home in Boston more than a week ago, but law enforcement has said their disappearance isn't considered suspicious. Here's why.


Derrica Wilson, CEO of the Black and Missing Foundation, talks Carlee Russell, Black women and more in this exclusive Q&A. "We need our community to be our digital milk carton," Wilson says.

The family of a missing Black man from Mississippi wants answers.

Black leaders in Kansas City held a vigil for Black women who have gone missing on the watch of the Kansas City Police Department.

"Finding Tamika" is also the first of five new Audible series from SBH productions, a joint venture between Kevin Hart and Charlamagne Tha God.

Established as a part of the 2021 Public Safety and Judiciary Omnibus Bill, the task force aims to address the root causes of violence against Black women and girls and address systemic failures that leave so many cases unresolved.  

The parents of Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old geologist who went missing in June, have taken matters into their own hands after local police refuse to show the same "urgency" displayed in Gabby Petito's case.

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From Kelly Price's battle with COVID-19 to suspicions of domestic violence in her romantic relationship to what her family is saying, and more, here's everything we know about the celebrated gospel singer's reported disappearance.

Jelani Day, a graduate student from Illinois who went missing nearly a month ago, was found dead earlier this month before being positively identified on Thursday. The lack of media attention to his disappearance stood in contrast to cause célèbre Gabby Petito.


Hopefully, Gabrielle Petito is found alive and well. Unfortunately, there are non-white Gabrielle Petitos across the nation who deserve the same mainstream media attention and sense of urgency but will never receive it.