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Joe Jackson has died after being hospitalized with terminal cancer. He was 89.

The Jackson family patriarch had passed away early Wednesday morning after longtime health struggles, family sources told TMZ. Jackson, who had ten children with his wife Katherine Jackson included musical legends Janet and the late Michael Jackson whose careers he steered early on, had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

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Jackson, who has a history of heart attacks, was recently thanked by his superstar daughter Janet during the Radio Disney Music Awards on Friday. Here are some quotes from the patriarch over the years:

A 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey via The Hollywood Reporter

Using a strap to discipline his kids:

“It [discipline] kept them [my children] out of jail and kept them right,” he said, admitting to having hit his children with a strap with no regrets.

On Michael and allegations of abuse to Winfrey in 2010:

“I don’t think he was afraid of me. What he was afraid of, he may do something wrong and I’d chastise him but not beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say.

An open letter on his health to daughter Janet in 2014

On Janet visiting him at the hospital:

“When I suffered four strokes last year, and was in the hospital recovering, only two people in my family traveled all the way to see in the hospital. My granddaughter Brandi (Jackie’s daughter) and my baby girl Janet,” Joe wrote. “She sat right next to me as I lay in bed, spent time with me, talking about a lot together. It meant a lot to me.”

His thoughts from the letter on Janet getting married:

“I lay there listening to her as she talked about how she was going to get married,” Jackson said about being in the hospital being visited by Janet in 2014. “I am happy for her and wish her nothing but the best! I never tell you this, but I am proud of you Janet.”

CNN Interview in 2013

Addressing daughter Janet’s complaint that the children weren’t allowed to call him “Dad” but called him “Joe:”

“You had all those kids running hollering around,” Jackson said, responding to a question about his daughter Janet’s complaint that the children weren’t allowed to call him “Dad” but called him “Joe.”. “They’re hollering, ‘Dad, Dad, Dad,’ you know, and it gets to be — it sounds kind of funny to me. But I didn’t care too much about what they called me, just as long as they (were) able to listen to me and what I had to tell them, you know, in order to make their lives successful. This was the main thing.”

On his kids treating people right:

“I’m glad I was tough, because look what I came out with,” he said. “I came out with some kids that everybody loved all over the world. And they treated everybody right.

On Michael reaching out to him before his death:

“He says, ‘Call my father.’ This was before he passed. ‘He would know how to get me out of this,'” Joe Jackson said. “But they didn’t get in touch with me. They said they couldn’t find me, but I was right there.”
BBC Interview In 2003 

On whipping Michael Jackson:

“I whipped him with a switch and a belt. I never beat him. You beat someone with a stick,” he told the BBC’s Louis Theroux in 2003, later admitting to having whipped Michael Jackson but denying it was a beating.

Radar Online Interview in April

On Michael Jackson’s music:

“Nobody has ever made music like my son and no one ever will,” Jackson said.

In defense of Michael as a top artist after claims by Quincy Jones that Micheal stole songs:

“My son is not here to defend himself and the world knows that Michael was the number 1 artist in the world and he didn’t need to steal from anybody,” Jackson said.


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