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Although Ben Carson is originally from Detroit, he made history in Baltimore.

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is where Carson served as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery from 1984 to 2013. The neurosurgeon performed many groundbreaking surgeries, including a successful separation of conjoined twins.

In 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and before he started worshiping Trump, he was considered an important figure in Black History. Now, the city where he made history has disowned Carson.

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The Associated Press spoke to several faith and community leaders, all expressing their disappointment with the deplorable Carson. There was even a portrait of him inside Archbishop Borders School in Baltimore that has been removed.  Principal Alicia Freeman, said, “I took it down. He was starting to become offensive.”

Bishop Frank Reid, a former pastor at Bethel AME Church in Baltimore who met Carson when they both attended Yale, explained, “This young African American who grew up in poverty and could have been put in jail or suspended from school made something great of himself. It was the American Dream. We believed he could walk on water.” Reid added, “Trump virus is weakening Ben Carson’s image. … He is no longer the hero he once was.”

Emmanuel Williams, 33, who grew up in Northwest Baltimore said, “He was taught during Black History Month and everyone was so proud because it was happening here in Baltimore. It was mythic. Sometimes I think the country looks down on us.” He continued, “So to have such a brilliant person who’s making history and making these great medical advancements in Baltimore? He was our crown jewel, and he was here. People feel betrayed. He can’t come back from this.”

You can say that again. Ben Carson has actively worked to dismantle fair housing. He has proposed rent increases on people in public housing that would only increase poverty. He wants to take “discrimination” out of the Housing and Urban Development’s mission statement. In addition, he is trying to create even more segregated housing, which Obama fought to end.

Not only is Carson a disappointment to Baltimore, he is a disappointment to the country.


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