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In one of the most unjust cases in recent history Crystal Mason, a 43-year-old mother of three, is currently in a Texas prison for voting while on supervised release. Her vote for Hillary Clinton in Fort Worth, Texas in November of 2016 was a provisional ballot, which wasn’t counted. After a long fight, Mason was forced to surrender to authorities in September of 2018. She is serving 10 months, and then she is facing an additional five years from the state of Texas.

Crystal Mason’s lawyer, Alison Grinter, released a statement via “The Clay Cane Show” today on SiriusXM Urban View.

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Cane read on air that according to Grinter, “Crystal tells us that things are getting rough at the prison where she is, FMC (Federal Medical Center), Carswell. Guards aren’t showing up to work because they’re unpaid. There’s some concern that conditions could become unsafe if the shutdown continues.” As we all know, due to Trump’s illogical border walls, federal employees are not being paid, which includes many correctional officers at prisons.

The statement continued, “We filed a motion for the judge to convert the remainder of Crystal’s sentence (10 months of which she’s served 4) to home confinement. We highlighted that Crystal is a nonviolent offender, poses no threat to the public, and will be released comparatively soon notwithstanding. We also appealed to the judge to reduce the burden on those guards who are still showing up to work unpaid. The motion was opposed by the prosecutor and denied almost instantaneously by her judge.”

Cane reports Grinter also added, “It’s my firm belief that Tarrant County is continuing to harass Crystal. She became eligible to be transferred to a residential re-entry center in October of last year. However, Tarrant County issued a warrant for her arrest for a sewer violation related to one of her properties.”

Cane added, “There is no reason why this woman should be in jail for voting while on supervised release. It is a Jim Crow tactic.” Listen to the clip below:

Before Mason surrendered herself in September, she wrote on her Facebook page, “This fight is not over, I’m glad God choose me for this journey. I’m walking in there, no tears and head hung high.  You have my complete attention Father use me. Thank you all for your support.”

There is deep hypocrisy in how Mason is being treated,  considering a white woman from Iowa named Terri Lynn Rote was convicted of voter fraud for purposely trying to cast a ballot for President Donald Trump twice. She was only sentenced to two years probation and a $750 fine.

In addition, the district attorney who prosecuted Mason, Sharen Wilson, reportedly asked her staff for personal contact information and then used it to solicit funds for her re-election bid, according to Legal experts disagreed on whether that was a criminal offense, but there is also ambiguity on if Mason actually broke the law or not—yet the 43-year-old is being harshly punished.

Mason has maintained no one told her she couldn’t vote, nor did she sign anything saying she could not vote while on supervised release.

If you would like to help Crystal and her family, please click here for a GoFundMe page.


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