Georgia Republican Party Official, Brian Pritchard, was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine for voting illegally nine times while a felon.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Office of Election Crimes and Security are being blasted after videos of "voter fraud" arrests went viral.

Race Matters

Tracey Kay McKee is a registered Republican in Arizona who has been vocal about the widespread voter fraud that cost Donald Trump his re-election. She was found guilty of using her dead mother's ballot to cast a vote and was sentenced to probation while Black women like Crystal Mason and Pam Moses got years in prison.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is working overtime to enshrine Trump’s big lie into law while minimizing Black and Brown political power.


Pam “P” Moses, of Memphis, Tennessee, was sentenced to six years in prison Monday after she was convicted in November for registering to vote while ineligible to do so.

All three were arrested for allegedly casting ballots out of state while also voting in Florida during the 2020 election.  


Donald “Kirk” Hartle of Nevada, one of the states Trump falsely claimed he won, has agreed to plead guilty to a reduced charge of illegally voting twice, drawing attention to Crystal Mason's 5-year prison sentence for voting in Texas.

TIME announced this year marks the first time a vice president-elect has been included as a Person of the Year honoree.

Comedian Leslie Jones amped up her spicy commentary on Twitter Wednesday night when she gave a play-by-play on Donald Trump's baseless claims around election fraud.


Crystal Mason, a Black woman jailed for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 presidential election while on supervised release for a federal conviction, is asking for her conviction to be overturned.

The mother of three is serving time in Texas for voting.

Crystal Mason is in jail for voting. Here is how you can help.