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Ben Carson is touring the country to try to convince people of his trash housing policies. He was scheduled to travel to Youngstown, Ohio with Ivanka Trump — who knows nothing about housing except for living in the glamour of Trump Tower. Thankfully, they both canceled.

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The White House released the following statement, “In light of the tragic shooting, Secretary Carson and Advisor Ivanka Trump are postponing their planned visit to Youngstown, as they join Ohioans and people across the country in mourning those impacted by the horrific events that unfolded in Dayton, Ohio early this morning.”

The statement continued, “Police and first responders must be able to allocate all available resources to assist the investigation and support the victims and families. Secretary Carson and Ivanka expressed their condolences and support to Senator Portman and let him know that the event will be rescheduled at a future date.”

They were scheduled to discuss the Opportunity Zones plans, which will allegedly revitalize urban neighborhoods — but by all account is another from the administration. The plan has been slammed for simply increasing gentrification and allowing real estate developers to push out poor people. The The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy reports, “This program runs a high risk of displacing low-income people living in communities from which government has historically and systemically disinvested. Low-income communities targeted by Opportunity Zones are overwhelmingly Black.”

Also, areas for these so-called Opportunity Zones are “63 percent Black and only 28 percent white.”

Ben Carson’s appearances in cities have been a disaster. From telling a single mother in Memphis, Tennessee to just get married to escape, to his most recent trip to Baltimore.

Last week, after Trump disrespected the entire city and Rep. Elijah Cummings, the unqualified Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, tried to defend 45’s racism on the property of a Black church and got kicked off.

Then while talking to Fox News he whined about “young men sitting on porches,” assuming they were all unemployed. Clearly, he wasn’t aware of Baltimore’s famous “stoop” culture.

Watch the clip below, if you can stomach it:



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