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Though celebrated singer Sade tends to keep her life relatively private, her son Izaak Theo Adu is hinting at what kind of mother she is with a touching tribute.

Adu announced that he was transgender back in 2016. Ever since then, he’s been transparent on social media about his transition as a transgender man. He finally underwent gender-affirming surgery over the summer, according to his Instagram and it’s been quite the journey for him even after the medical procedure. On Instagram this week, he thanked his mom for all the support she’s provided.

“Thank you for staying by my side these past 6 months Mumma,” he wrote along with a picture of him hugging Sade. “Thank you for fighting with me to complete the man I am. Thank you for your encouragement when things are hard, for the love you give me. The purest heart. I love you so much. Queen of queens.”



Back in July, Adu described his transition process on Instagram while he was recovering from surgery:

“This process is trying, tiring, painful, emotionally exhausting, physically exhausting, uncomfortable (like I can’t sleep like a normal human being rn lol),” he started. “I often ask myself ‘why the fu** do I have to endure this to be who I am’ but at the end of the day this is the path that was laid out for me and I’ll walk it to the end. My dad always says ‘keep your eyes on the horizon’ and that’s what I do, because through all this pain is the comfort that it’s not forever and I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I am so, SO DAMN EXCITED, I just have to remind myself to be patient sometimes as I’m sure we all do. Big up to my Mumma, Pappa, family and friends for all the support you give me on the daily, it’ll never be forgotten.”


Sade has yet to make a public comment about her son’s transition, but clearly the love and support is there.

Per ususal, Sade has remained relatively inconspicuous since her last full-length album Soldier of Love in 2010. Since then, she has released a few tracks every now and then, including the song “The Big Unknown” for the Widows soundtrack and “Flower of the Universe” for the A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack.

Back in May, Izaak praised his mom once again writing on Instagram:

“Being transgender is hard. Every day is a struggle. You are constantly fighting for the world to accept you and sometimes you even fight yourself… I am lucky because I have a family and friends that accept and love me just as I am, who see it isn’t about WHAT I look like on the outside like but WHO I am inside.”


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