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Kelly Price has had an ordeal since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in late July.

The gospel singer at one point was deemed missing, leading to family and her lawyer making conflicting remarks about her health and safety. Ultimately, Price broke her silence regarding her battle with COVID-19, sharing she technically died.

“At one point, they lost me,” Price said. “I woke up some days later and the first thing I remember is a team of doctors around me, asking me what year it was. I died. The next thing I remember is waking up in the doctor and him asking me if I knew what year it was.”

In two Instagram posts on Thursday (Oct. 14) and Friday (Oct. 15), Price gave fans a new update on her health and her continued fight to regain her strength.

“Sis is following dr’s orders. Sis is getting stronger everyday,” she wrote. “Sis is working hard to get back to the music. Sis is focused. Sis is eliminating stress from everywhere and everyone who presents it no matter who they are. Sis is working hard to be better than I was before COVID, before the pandemic, before the deaths and the losses, before the heartbreaks and the pain. Sis will be better than she was before the craziness.

“I thank God for another chance at life. I thank God for everyone who “gets it”. I even thank God for those who don’t get it, those who insult me and those who judge what they know nothing about…you have a role in what propels me to chapter next as well.

Everyone can have their opinion but God has the final say! #ChapterNext is being written now. Sis is writing the next chapter. #IAmSis #SisIsMe.”

Last April, Price revealed her grandfather passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

“I’m grateful that I had him for all those years,” she said of the late Bishop Jerome Norman. “But it just seems that for everything that he’s lived through, surviving cancer on more than one occasion, surviving a heart attack on more than one occasion, coming through racism, being born in the South, just for the things that he survived, I guess for me it just feels crazy that it would be this that takes him from us.”

Continued prayer and healing for Kelly!

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