Large police settlements cannot replace the loss of loved ones and often do little to deter police behavior. A report from Five Thiry-Eight and The Marshall Project documented the millions paid out by cities annually and the difficulty with holding police departments accountable.  

The battle over the map in Ohio—mirroring other GOP-controlled states—comes as congressional Democrats have been fighting to pass various voting rights legislation.

President Joe Biden's top economic advisor urged Congress to pass the significant economic package arguing that the legislation would help offset the rising cause of inflation.

On Friday, Nov. 12, Mr. Scarface took one final bow on stage at the House of Blues. The show announced via his "Geto Boys Reloaded" podcast with Willie D is a swan song for 30 years of emerging and sustaining as one of Houston's greatest rappers ever produced.

Thankfully for multiplatinum pop icon Britney Spears, a judge has officially terminated her infamous conservatorship effective immediately without any need for further mental evaluation.

Disney Plus Day revealed all of its upcoming programming today and it is stacked with fun surprises. Our favorite Disney classic is headed back prouder and louder than ever! Fans are happy to welcome Penny Proud, LaCienega Boulevardez, Suga Mama, and the rest of the Proud family cast back. The official trailer for The Proud […]

Nine-year-old Ezra Blount was one of several victims critically injured during the frightening incident. His grandfather, Bernon Blount, said that he's still in a medically induced coma after being trampled during the deadly surge. The young boy attended the concert with his father Treston Blount. Bernon told CNN that Ezra was enjoying the concert from the comfort of his dad's shoulders in order to avoid the large crowd, but as Travis took the stage, people struggled to push past Treston, squeezing him into the rowdy flock of festival-goers and eventually causing him to pass out.

The predominantly Black city declared a safety emergency over its lead levels previously. Levels present in the city are said to be higher than those present in Flint at the height of its crisis. In an interview with “Detroit Today,” Nick Leonard said it is unclear what caused the levels in Benton Harbor to spike beginning in 2018.  

"We have had a number of issues with effective returns in criminal trials for reasons ranging from ingrained problems in our legal system that have to do with long histories of white supremacy, to all kinds of procedural problems that have derailed justice in one way or another," University of Chicago historian Kathleen Belew said in an interview with NPR. "Civil trials are a really good tool in hitting the pocketbooks and the membership lists of white power groups." 

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, tweeted Friday that revelations of private email exchanges were disrespectful to players.  

In late September, the 48-year-old singer made public comments regarding her COVID battle, saying she had technically been declared dead.