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This weekend it’s a lot to celebrate. Birthdays, Juneteenth, and please don’t forget Father’s Day. Make sure you celebrate the father, uncle, mentor, and/or male figure who has been a major figure in your life. For some that include our favorite Black TV Dads. They gave us memories, taught life lessons, made us laugh, and made us cry. For that, they deserve all of our love.

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For six seasons Uncle Phil was like the pops we always wanted. The love he showed Will and his family was something all Black kids needed to see on television. He was strict and never let his children get over, but also caring and patient. One of the most memorable episodes from the show was when Uncle Phil had to console Will after his father decided to leave him. After Will’s father walked out of his left again, the first thing Uncle Phil did was say I’m sorry. The scene ends with Uncle Phil embracing Will as he cries in his arms. Check it out below–have tissues ready.


James Evans was the disciplinarian we all needed. Even if you were part of the ‘extended family,’ Evans had no problem with keeping you in check. In the clip below, Evans gives Eddie gets an unexpected spanking lol.


George Jefferson was the cool and funny dad who always had the jokes to keep you laughing. But even with all the jokes he always gave the best advice! Check out this scene when he convinces a young boy to reconcile with his father who has a disability. It showed us that Black dads don’t just serve their families, but their also role models in the community.


The Black fathers have held us down and to celebrate them we’ve created a quiz to test your knowledge. How well do you think you know these TV dads? We’re already given you a headstart with the clips below lol.

Take our quiz below and see if you can guess these TV dads. Some of which should be easy while others are new pops who have held the fathers down for this generation of TV watchers. Happy Father’s Day Fellas! You deserve all the love in the world.


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