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From CNN:

A Haitian judge could rule Thursday on whether to release on bail 10 Americans detained in Port-au-Prince on child abduction charges, an attorney for one of the Americans said.

The judge has investigated the case against the group thoroughly, Hiram Sasser, director of the Liberty Legal Institute, told CNN’s “American Morning,” and the testimony of Haitians in the case “really exonerated Jim [Allen] and the others.”

Allen is among 10 missionaries charged a week ago with kidnapping children and criminal association for trying to take 33 children out of Haiti without proper documentation following the January 12 magnitude-7.0 earthquake there.

His wife, Lisa Allen, said Thursday she has suffered “horrific anxiety” since the detentions. “I’m confident that the people of Haiti will do the right thing and bring Jim home,” she said.

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Sasser said he hopes the ruling comes Thursday, or else it will not come until Monday. Friday is a day of mourning for quake victims in Haiti.

The 10 will not be required to appear in court for the ruling.

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