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Kentucky Attorney General Given Until Friday To Release Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes

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A word of advice for people who hate their jobs: Just quit. Stop engaging in the most idiotic activities possible in order to get yourself fired when you can just leave—especially if you’re going to bring deceased victims of police violence into your out-of-touch world of ridiculousness. 

I mean, I can only assume that’s what happened with now-former Louisville Metro Department of Corrections officer Turhan Knight. NBC News reported that, according to Maj. Darrell Goodlett of the Corrections Department, Knight had been on his job since 2018 but was fired last Thursday because, in 2022, he thought it was a good idea to record himself mocking the Louisville Metro Police Department (which I’m obviously fine with) and the violent death of Breonna Taylor (which is where he really messed up).

“Trying to repair broken relationships, and brother, we need you,” Knight said as he passed between LMPD patrol cars in what appeared to be a mock police recruitment video.

“We need backup, answer the call, be a part of a great, great police department. Never mind what happened to Breonna Taylor, we killed that b***,” he continued.

SMDH—this man is Black, too. You can just tell he isn’t around his own people enough. Someone who washes their legs and lets the ancestors season their food would definitely have warned him this was not the move. 

On the other hand, it could be argued that he wasn’t so much making light of Taylor’s death as much as he was satirizing the police violence of the LMPD.

“You want to drive vehicles like this? And fly in planes? Do you want to be able to have unlimited off-duty? Do you want to be able to support your family? Do you want to kill people and be able to get off for it? Join Louisville Metro Police Department,” Knight went on to say in the video.

Either way, Knight should have known to keep Taylor’s name out of his mouth and that using the words “we killed that b****” in reference to her would sink the final nail into his sunken place coffin.

From NBC News:

The Corrections Department learned about the clip early last week and confirmed the video to NBC News.

Director Jerry Collins “was disgusted by the content of the video and moved as quickly as possible to terminate Knight. Knight’s behavior is unacceptable and does not reflect the professionalism and spirit of service that we strive for at LMDC,” Goodlett said.

Mayor Greg Fischer called the video “hideous” and said Knight “was fired immediately.”

“There is zero excuse for his insensitivity. He has brought great shame upon Metro Corrections and all of Louisville Metro Government,” Fischer said in a statement to NBC affiliate WAVE of Louisville.

After being fired in one of the stupidest ways possible, Knight came to glory on his abject idiocy and issued an apology for the video.

“I deeply apologize to the family of Breonna Taylor and all of the hard-working and ethical employees of Louisville Metro Government,” he said. “One person will not tarnish the good work we attempt to do on behalf of our residents.”’

“I understand that the video was insensitive, and I am deeply remorseful for even making it,” he added.


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