The death of Clarence Wilkerson in Kentucky was "preventable," Ben Crump said.

Black students should have the right to feel safe at any institution that they decide to attend.

The University of Kentucky student who called Black student Kylah Spring the N-word, will leave the school and enter rehab.

University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing was arrested after a video showed her attacking and using racial slurs against Kylah Spring.

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul attended a fundraiser instead.

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections officer Turhan Knight was fired over a video mocking Breonna Taylor's death.

Anthony Gray is suing the city of Radcliff, Kentucky after its police officers allegedly ran over his lower leg with a patrol car last September at the Gold Vault Inn.

Six white people in Kentucky were arrested for allegedly using last week's devastating tornado as an opportunity for looting homes and vehicles. Now officials, including Attorney General Daniel Cameron, warn that anyone caught engaging in that kind of activity will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

A pair of Facebook Live videos filmed by Kyanna Parsons-Perez showed the extent of what candle factory workers experienced in Mayfield, Kentucky when a tornado hit. But they also showed the heroic role the Black woman played during the extreme weather event.

A Black teen was left "traumatized" after a half dozen police officers racially profiled him while he was walking home from school, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him "soley due to his race," according to a lawsuit filed in Kentucky.

Despite defending the no-knock search warrant that led to the police killing of Breonna Taylor, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is leading a Search Warrant Task Force he said he hoped would make the state "a national model for search warrants."

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear paved the way for rights restoration for over 170,000 residents after his election in 2019, but advocates say thousands more remain stuck in an 'arbitrary' restoration process.