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Losing anyone that you love can be a debilitating life event, but there’s an extra sympathy we tend to hold for those who lose their children prematurely. Sadly, our very own Rickey Smiley experienced that not too long ago after losing his son, Brandon Smiley, to the vice of drug abuse.

Through his unwavering belief in God and other healthy ways of healing, Rickey has been coping with the death of his 32-year-old child with surprising strength and a determination to push forward. That’s been evident in both his dedication to continuing The Rickey Smiley Morning Show over these past few weeks, in addition to his recent interview with The Today Show.

In his first televised appearance, Rickey told Today Show host Craig Melvin that Brandon struggled with drug addiction for a while. Rickey said both he and Brandon’s mother did their best to get their son the help he needed, especially with both of them being non-drug users and clueless as to why he turned to narcotics in the first place.

“We thought he was getting better,” Rickey explained, further adding, “he had just joined a church, had just been baptized again probably a month before he passed away. He used, and it killed him.” Although the investigation is still open, with a cause of death still up in the air, it’s quite obvious that Rickey knows his child and the struggles that he was going through.

“The God that we serve is just awesome,” Rickey said with all the strength he could muster up without breaking down, continuing with his important message by stating, “He’s given me peace that surpasses all understanding, and if anything makes me cry it’s God’s goodness. To be able to get out of the bed, to be able to do my morning show, to be able to protect the rest of my kids, my grandkids and the rest of my family — I just thank God for His grace and His mercy.”

Watch Rickey Smiley’s full interview on The Today Show below, and continue to keep his family in your prayers. R.I.P. Brandon.

The Today Show interview came just about a month after Brandon Smiley’s funeral was held in Birmingham, Alabama.

When Rickey Smiley announced his son’s funeral during his morning radio show, he appealed to his listeners for them to send their prayers and thoughts during this hard time. He also encouraged them to donate their time to a greater good cause.

“I don’t need no flowers. Go and make a donation to the Salvation Army. Let’s fill up these pantries, just because my son died, I want to make sure that somebody is able to eat. Somebody is able to get a hot meal,” Smiley said during his return to the airwaves on Wednesday. “I’m gonna put on an apron tomorrow. And I’m going to serve. Through my pain and still serve God because it ain’t about me. This is about God and doing God’s work and doing his ministry. So I thank you, and I thank you God for my life and I just appreciate the opportunity to speak from my heart this morning.”


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