Lois Griffin as Sarah Palin: Did Family Guy Predict the Future?


I was watching an old re-run of Family Guy last night where Lois was campaigning for Mayor of Quahog. Lois, a mother of three, including a psychopathic infant, and caretaker of a dog, originally ran for mayor to clean up a lake but was quickly corrupted by the political machine.

When campaigning, Lois would cite religion, answering, ‘Because that’s what Jesus wants’ to political questions. When in power, she played on people’s fears of terorrism, saying that, ‘Hitler along with the Legion of Doom was planning to assassinate Jesus’ and that, ‘Darth Vader tried to buy Uranium cake from unwed teenage mothers.’

Lois would use taxpayer money to pay for her clothes and other items. Though Lois would originally plan on fixing up the lake, she received a bribe of a fancy coat from an oilman and quickly agreed to let him dump his oil in the very lake she was trying to protect.

So both Sarah Palin and Lois Griffin were housewives who had political aspirations. Both misused 9/11 for their own political ambitions and employed fear as a tactic to secure support. And both received a lot of money from big oil to let them pollute their environment. Both of them flashed religion to justify political decisions and used taxpayer money to pay for their personal lives. I guess the only difference is that Lois Griffin eventually quit politics because of the corruption involved. Sarah Palin, instead, has been enraptured by the corruption and is now running for Vice President.

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