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Well, this is awkward. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was just endorsed by 100 Black women and Rep. Ayanna Pressley. Yet, when asked how many Black folks would be in her cabinet, she embarrassingly floundered.

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While speaking with Angela Rye in Greensboro, North Carolina she was asked to name three African-Americans who would be in her cabinet. She couldn’t name one and instead tried to focus on people who weren’t politicians. Watch below:

Bombing on this question was especially strange considering Presley’s glowing endorsement. She said in a New York Times statement, “Elizabeth has made it her life’s work to pursue justice for working families and put economic and political power in the hands of people. We find ourselves in a fight for the soul of our nation, and I know Elizabeth can win it.”

She also added, “I have seen Ms. Warren in small church basements and in packed gymnasiums and she is consistent. She never loses sight of the people.”

A Quinnipiac University poll in December showed her support among Black voters growing. In July, Warren only had 4 percent of the Black vote, while in August she had 8 percent. Now, in September she has 19% of the Black vote, which is nearly half of Biden’s 40 percent Black vote support. However, that wasn’t reflected when she visited Clinton College in Rock Hill, South Carolina, which is an HBCU.

No Black folks could be spotted. One user wrote, “I’m a Warren supporter, and this is a bad look. Yes, there’s a crowd, but it’s a sea of white people at an HBCU.”

Another wrote, “I shouldn’t feel like I am doing a Where’s Waldo picture to find POC at a rally held on the campus of an HBCU.”

See below:

There is also Warren infamously being accused for lying about her Native American ancestry in February of last year. The Washington Post obtained Warren’s registration card for the State Bar of Texas back in 1986, which clearly shows she lied by identifying as an “American Indian.” See below:

Native American journalist Simon Moya-Smith blasted Warren, writing on, “Where has she been on these many issues that plague our communities? Although the results from her DNA test are new, her identity claims here aren’t. Why has she ignored us for so long? Why only now come around? This latest disclosure lets her save face without having responsibilities to the Native community she’s claiming to share heritage with. Furthermore, name me one nation or tribe that claims her. None do.”

Yep, Warren still has more work to do. See the reactions below to her being unable to name a Black person to her cabinet.












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