The recent video showing a young woman who licked inside a tub of Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back in a supermarket freezer has resonated one way or another across social media, where users have reacted with strong feelings.

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As police were reportedly searching for the unidentified Black woman who may or may not have done her unsanitary deed in a grocery store in San Antonio, Texas, the disgusting footage prompted people to call for her to be prosecuted for what appeared to be a case of felony food tampering. Others said she was simply guilty of the latest example of what’s being called “clout-chasing,” or doing something on-camera for the sole purpose of going viral on the internet. Some people wondered why the gallon of Blue Bell ice cream in the video did not come sealed in order to prevent the possibility of the apparent food contamination that happened in the video.

Despite all the concerns, there was one consensus: It’s nasty.

But there were also worries the video could invite copy-cats to start what could become the latest inane viral challenge. One subsequent video from an apparent clout-chaser sparked those concerns.

That person in the new video, identified on Instagram as shelly_golden, would later admit to what she called playing a “prank” on her 1 million-strong following on her account, which she has since made private. But the attention her videos have received could inspire other pranksters in search of the aforementioned clout on social media.

Twitter users have insisted they know who the young woman is on the first video that prompted the backlash. A person who operates the Instagram account that goes by the handle xx.asiaaa.xx was allegedly the woman who did the dirty deed after being urged on by the person filming her tampering with food.

As of late Wednesday morning, all authorities apparently had to go on was the nine-second video clip that’s been shared millions of times on social media since the weekend, when it first surfaced. The video starts off with the unidentified Black woman smiling with her tongue hanging out of her mouth over an open container of Blue Bell ice cream before the person filming urges her to take a lick. The woman happily complies before quickly covering the ice cream back up and returning it to a grocery store freezer, all while smiling before chucking up deuces to the camera. Then the video ends, just like that.

Watch the troubling footage below.

Since there is apparently a tweet for everything, Twitter users reminded everybody that there is nothing new under the sun and that the young woman on the viral video was far from alone when it came to food tampering in supermarkets.

Still, the video has prompted what seems like all of social media to search for the culprit in an effort to bring her to justice for what they said was an unforgivable act that could compromise the health of an unwitting shopper. Scroll down to see some of the reactions on Twitter.



























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