Although African-Americans remain a largely religious demographic, Black atheists and agnostics, such as the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles, are becoming more appealing and leaving religious faiths behind, writes University of Southern California’s Intersection South LA publication. SEE ALSO: When Social Issues, Faith Collide According to the American Religious Identification Survey of 2008 (ARIS 2008), […]

A nationwide pro-atheist campaign launched to coincide with Black History Month has some African-Americans reaffirming their spiritual convictions. SEE ALSO: Washington State Legalize Gay Marriage Gay Marriage’s Next Big Hurdle “It’s a sign of the end times,” said Reverend Kyev Tatum of Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Texas. “People will turn from the truth and […]

If you are black and atheist, do you feel comfortable sharing your disbelief in God with friends and family? Many black nonbelievers do not. The New York Times reports that, while most black Americans overwhelmingly believe in God to some degree, those who do not find it nearly impossible to discuss their beliefs with loved […]