As as much as white conservatives bemoan what they perceive as anti-white racism in America, and as much as they use that narrative to come for critical race theory, wokeness and all programs that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, the fact is, white people's grievances regarding anti-white racial discrimination is never backed by up by any independent data.

De'Shawn Washington was honored with the Teacher of the Year award in Massachusetts.

Good News

South Carolina State University received a $90k grant to support a program that aims to increase the representation of Black male teachers.

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The HBCU STEM scholarship initiative FOSSI has raised $17 million to provide grants for scholars in need.

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Scholar Zindzi Thompson has made history as the youngest Black woman to graduate from Meharry Medical College.


Education has arguably never been more important – for both the current crop of students and a future generation of lawmakers who could shape the landscape of learning for years to come. Because of that, the timing of American Education Week, observed from Nov. 12-16, couldn’t be any more perfect. The annual weeklong observation dates […]

Several Black students at one Louisiana high school made major noise with videos of themselves reacting to their ivy league college acceptance letters.

Leaders at more than 100 historically Black colleges are planning a meeting with President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers to discuss overcoming funding and enrollment challenges facing schools on Feb. 28.

Many Black folks had high expectations when President Obama entered the White House. Where those expectations too high?


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s leadership, accomplishments, and commitment to education show us that being smart is the new cool.


Johnthany Walker was apprehended and charged with vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving.


Black riders are more likely to receive cancellations or have a longer wait times compared to White riders, according to a new study.