In an op-ed, the founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust, Inc., writes that reparations requires building collective power.

One woman, who is a descendant of a slave that was sold by Georgetown University more than 145 years ago, has enrolled at the school.

Local and state NAACP chapters in North Carolina are calling for immediate action after Christmas calenders with illustrations of "Mammy" were passed out at an assisted living facility.


White teachers at Whitney High School Cerritos, California, have been re-enacting slavery as a lesson for 10 years.

Isabell Meggett Lucas, 86, visited the slave cabin that her family once lived in Tuesday as part of an exhibit at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

A rare photo of Underground Railroad hero and 19th century abolitionist Harriet Tubman sold at a New York City auction for $162,500 Thursday.

The University of Georgia is researching slave remains from more than 100 graves found on campus and later reinterred, according to new reports.

Newly confirmed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson actually said that slaves were immigrants during a speech to department employees Monday.