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Experts say that the shortage of Black male doctors is a national crisis and means negative health outcomes for underserved patients.

Doctors convened at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention last week to discuss racial disparities and possible solutions.

The short documentary shows that COINTELPRO has only changed in name.

Gay's new memoir calls out socially acceptable prejudice against fat bodies.

In the wake of Meek Mill's hypervigilant sentencing, we look to the ongoing efforts of Hip Hop artists to end mass incarceration.

"Water is wet" news isn't helpful in the era of Trump.

The development company's president claims she didn't know the painting was a memorial although "Rest in Power" was painted above the victims' portraits.

A leaked document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counter-terrorism department revealed that the US government views “Black identity extremists” as a threat.

This weekend, Tiffany Haddish, the Girls Trip star, will be Saturday Night Live's first Black comedienne host in the show's 42 year history.

Apple VP of Diversity Denise Young Smith apologized for saying '12 white blue-eyed blonde men' could be a diverse population.

The NYPD officer denies soliciting the minor for sex although police confiscated recordings of the two.