Blair Underwood

Following legendary singer Prince‘s death, several people have come forward claiming to be related to him in an effort to get a piece of his fortune. So far, 30 individuals who have filed court documents claiming to be related to the singer have been denied. Judge Kevin Eide, who is overseeing the case, is now ordering […]

Television critic, Eric Deggans (St. Petersburg Times), joins Roland Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss which network television shows featuring African-Americans have been canceled for next season. Many of the canceled shows are favorites of African-American television viewers and depict minorities in positive roles. Some of the shows slated to be canceled […]

Actor Blair Underwood solved the dilemma of his life with a 2-percent solution. “You decide to follow this path of performing arts and all the odds are stacked against you,” he says, looking distinguished in a beige jacket, cinnamon shirt and Levi’s.

Over the years there have been more than a few black presidents portrayed on screen, and not just on the small screen. Sometimes they’ve appeared in comedic films like Chris Rock’s Head of State (2003) and the 1933 musical comedy short Rufus Jones for President, in which Sammy Davis, Jr., then a child performer, is […]

From Last year, BET Networks and Johnson & Johnson made a commitment to support emerging African-American filmmakers through the BET original series and short film competition Lens on Talent.

From Fresh off the announcement of his new television drama, The Event, Hollywood veteran Blair Underwood has another major event — the release of his latest book.