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A New York Post op-ed expresses sympathy for the San Francisco man who sprayed a homeless woman with water and wondered "why it doesn’t happen more."

Baltimore State’s Attorney has declined to bring criminal charges against officer Connor Murray, who shot and killed Donnell Rochester.

The photos are displayed at the National Civil Rights Museum.

Lacking early childhood education isn’t a personal problem but a societal challenge.

There’s historically been concern that such a runoff system disadvantages Black candidates.

After redrawing congressional districts to help himself, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney lost.

The push comes as states hold early voting.

The Gullah Geechee people believed that the color haint blue mimicked blue water and blue sky which tricked evil spirits.

A neo-Nazi-led group unfurled an antisemitic banner in California.

Despite pretending to care about "real Americans," conservatives are actually giving a lot of us the finger with these antics. 

She didn't learn the most basic fact about these Civil War troops, the side of the war they fought on.