Brooklyn Central Bookings

The people demanding justice for Kyam Livingston (pictured) held a community speakout at Flatbush Reformed Church Tuesday. Marking six months since Livingston’s death, they discussed her short life and the conditions she allegedly endured at Brooklyn Central Bookings. RELATED: Family, Friends Hold Rally For Kyam Livingston In Brooklyn [VIDEO] Livingston reportedly died in police custody, […]

Family, friends and supporters of Kyam Livingston resumed their monthly demonstrations honoring the young mother in Brooklyn Saturday, continuing their push for justice in the case. RELATED: Family, Friends, Hold Rally For Kyam Livingston In Brooklyn [VIDEO] “The girls in the cell helped her; the police did nothing!” said Anita Neal (pictured left of center), […]

Two months after she died in a holding cell at Brooklyn’s Central Bookings, family and friends of Kyam Livingston (pictured below left) rallied in Brooklyn to bring justice to her case Saturday. SEE ALSO: Chicago Shooting Shows Gap In Stepped-Up Policing Son Alexander (pictured center), mother Anita Neil (pictured left of Alexander),  and sister Ashanta (pictured right) lead a procession through […]