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Family, friends and supporters of Kyam Livingston resumed their monthly demonstrations honoring the young mother in Brooklyn Saturday, continuing their push for justice in the case.

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“The girls in the cell helped her; the police did nothing!” said Anita Neal (pictured left of center), Kyam’s mother, referencing how officers allegedly ignored Livingston’s cries for help while she lay incapacitated in a jail cell at Brooklyn Central Bookings. She reportedly died of a stomach illness en-route to a hospital, the NYPD says-a charge the family vehemently denies.

Watch video of the demonstration here;

“Seven hours of begging for help! They wanna continue to question us; they don’t wanna answer no questions for us. We want the names, and we want the tapes of the police officers that did this to my daughter.”

A member of the Shantel Davis Justice Committee made a comparison between Livingston and Davis, killed by undercover officers in the same neighborhood last year (officers in that case have yet to be charged).

“They are both young, black women in Flatbush who were murdered by the racist NYPD. There’s video of both of these murders that the police refuse to give up to the families,” the member said. “The families continue to suffer with no answers, and the murderers are out on the street, getting paid.”

“Kyam was murdered,” said Rasan, a member of the Progressive Labor Party. “She was murdered by police neglect. The same police that are out here, trying to pen us in, who should’ve been paying attention to her when she was in Central Bookings, so she could still be here, celebrating the holidays with her family. They should’ve been paying attention then, not to us.”

“We have to remember that whenever these types of events happen, whenever we have an unjust murder, whenever we have a situation of neglect like what happened to this family, that we’re not doing our jobs as a community if we don’t get involved,” said another speaker.

“If we allow stuff like this to happen, and we don’t say anything, we don’t even share or tell anyone about the injustice, and we sweep it under the rug, we’re not doing our job as a family — as a community.”

Before the crowd dispersed, it was announced that next month’s demonstration will take place at the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Complex. It will also include a forum on the conditions at Brooklyn Central Bookings and how to improve them. The church is located at 890 Flatbush Avenue; the event will start at 6:30pm.

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