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The historic “Selma to Montgomery marches,” the first of the three protest marches known as “Bloody Sunday,” highlighted a turbulent time of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

The longevity of Marvin Gaye's socially conscious lyrics prove that pain, suffering, poverty and racial unrest are as American as apple pie.

Crispus Attucks and other Black Americans have not only fought for our Independence and civil rights but have also opened doors for African Americans in military, political and other offices.

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Nina Simone, who died in 2003 in France, would have turned 84 on February 21.

His tireless devotion to promoting racial equality via peaceful means stands as an indelible footprint in the annals of Black History. Today, NewsOne honors Dr. King on what would have been his 92nd birthday.

Social media users were mourning the death and celebrating the life of Patrice O'Neal on what would have been the comedian's 51st birthday.

These five reasons underscore why the love for President Barack Obama has only grown since he left the White House.

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A D.C. kindergarten teacher talks to NewsOne about the self-care day he put on for his students.

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Hundreds of social media posts claim that passengers traveling to Ghana have been left without luggage or answers as EgyptAir lost their belongings.


Racism is a form of both visible and invisible violence.


Readers likely doubt news that contains hashtags.