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Rodreisha L. Russaw first heard about Jim Kennedy Jr.'s missing organs from a colleague of hers at the coalition, Alabamians for Fair Justice last year. Kennedy had been killed while doing time in an Alabama prison. Officials notified the family of his death some four days after his death. That was bad. But not as bad as a call one of Kennedy's family members received from the funeral home. They wanted to know if the family was aware that all of their loved one's organs were missing. 


The Legendary Editor of Essence magazine provides a blueprint for recovery.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

TSU has been subjected to incredible levels of scrutiny–which bore no fruit—and wrongfully labeled as financially reckless. 


Elle Moxley, founder of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, on keeping Black Queer children safe.


NewsOne's Special Series on Black child suicide examines the impact on Black girls.


Read the full texts of Nathan Wade's and Fani T. Willis' letters to each other after Team Trump's failure in court to have her disqualified from prosecuting the former president.


The latest installment in NewsOne's special series on Black child suicide considers the impact on our boys and how to help them.


Dionne C. Monsanto's daughter, Siwe, died by suicide at the age of 15. This is her love letter to Siwe and to Black mothers everywhere.

Deaths by suicide in the Black community have spiked among boys and girls in recent years. NewsOne explores the alarming numbers.

An American Crisis: Black Child Suicide

Author, life coach, and loss survivor Dionne Monsanto to bring a moment of comfort and reflection to NewsOne's series, An American Crisis: Black Child Suicide.

The longevity of Marvin Gaye's socially conscious lyrics prove that pain, suffering, poverty and racial unrest are as American as apple pie.

Crispus Attucks and other Black Americans have not only fought for our Independence and civil rights but have also opened doors for African Americans in military, political and other offices.