This year, Cheerios‘ interracial family is back in time for the Super Bowl and the family’s star daughter, Gracie, is cuter than ever. She is sitting at the kitchen table with her dad. Her mother is standing at the counter looking on. The father told his daughter, “You know how our family has daddy, and […]

Grace Colbert, the adorable 6-year-old actress who stars as the daughter in the recent — and unexpectedly controversial — Cheerio’s ad, sat down with her real parents, Janet and Christopher Colbert, for an interview with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC on Tuesday. The confident little girl has not been negatively affected by the virulent racism that […]

Cheerios released an ad earlier this week of an interracial family. While many viewed the ad as a progressive step forward in the advertising world, racists took to Reddit lambasting the move. The ad caused such a stir on YouTube that comments had to be disabled.  As of this Sunday morning, the video had been […]