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This year, Cheerios‘ interracial family is back in time for the Super Bowl and the family’s star daughter, Gracie, is cuter than ever. She is sitting at the kitchen table with her dad. Her mother is standing at the counter looking on.

The father told his daughter, “You know how our family has daddy, and mommy,” before the girl interjected, “And me.”

“That’s right,” he said. “And pretty soon you’re going to have a baby brother.” What she says next is so simple, but so precious at the same time.

Watch the 31-second ad below:

Unfortunately, when the interracial family premiered last year, the racists were able to be noticed among the majority of commenters on social media praising the clip. As NewsOne previously reported, the comments became so hateful that the administrator turned off the comments section.

You can watch it here:

Well, we have to give it up to Cheerios for telling the racists to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. And Twitter feels the same.