Cook County Associate Judge Raymond Myles was fatally shot outside of his Chicago home Monday in an incident that police have called an "attack against the criminal justice system."

Chicago prosecutors said Thursday that a woman was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly pouring bleach down her boyfriend's throat and killing him.

A Chicago man, who was charged with murder but beat the case due to prosecutors neglecting to give him a speedy trial, was killed just minutes after being released from jail Monday night.

Chicago police arrested two more men Friday in connection with the deadly Valentine's Day shooting of a 2-year-old boy, whose horrifying death was streamed on Facebook.

A dispute over sneakers and pants turned deadly. Rep. Danny Davis pledges to devote his life to preventing more tragedies like this.


For the second consecutive calendar year, Chicago in 2014 is on track to record its lowest murder totals in nearly five decades, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The news comes even as the city has witnessed a rise in the number of shootings. RELATED:Chicago Mayor Unveils ‘Road Map’ To Combat Violence Once dubbed the murder capital of the […]


An elderly man, 77, and an elderly woman, 63, were killed within blocks of each other on the South Side of Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune. The man was fatally stabbed in his home and the woman was shot to death. There is no indication that the murders are related. Want to Keep Up With […]

Once again, the Windy City proved to be the breeding ground of murder and mayhem as gunfire rang out over the troubled metropolis. The Chicago Tribune reports: A 14-year-old boy was killed and 13 other people were wounded by gunfire across the city Friday night into Saturday morning, including a gang-related shooting near the Lincoln […]