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Chicago has seen a slight decrease in murders since the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins last year. However, just days after the 19-year-old was remembered in a memorial service, the city was hit with yet another devastating loss.

Zachary Stoner, a popular hip hop vlogger, was fatally shot while driving on May 30, according to Chicago’s WGN-TV. The 30-year-old known as “Zack TV,” was struck in the head and neck before his Jeep went up a curb and crashed into a light pole. No one had been arrested in connnection with Stoner’s death as of Thursday.

Just three days before Stoner’s shooting, Jenkins, whose body was found in September in a walk-in hotel freezer, was remembered during a tribute at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois Sunday (May 27). The celebration of life marked what would have been the Chicago teen’s 20th birthday, ABC7 Chicago reported.

Outrcy and protests erupted over Jenkins’ tragic and mysterious death at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last year. Publicly released graphic photos of the gruesome crime scene sent shockwaves through Chicago in October after authorities closed their investigation. A medical examiner later ruled Jenkins’ death an accident, however, significant questions remain as some details on her death are unknown.

Chicago has long struggled with crime and gun violence; however, despite claims from the likes of President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West, the city is not the ‘murder capital’ of the United States. The Chicago Police Department reported a decrease in the number of killings and shootings earlier this year, CNN reported. There were 29 percent fewer shootings and 21 percent fewer killings last month, according to crime statistics from the department. The city had 173 shootings last month, compared to 245 in April of 2017, police also said. The number of murders in April dropped from 48 in 2017 to 37 last month.


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